DIY How to Flush & Change Radiator Coolant on a GSXR 600

though I just flip the switch alright so we did the first cycle of flushing with the distilled water so we’re gonna do that again so we’re gonna push the system again unit to have the bike turned on but you do have to like kind of shake it rock it back and forth to release those air bubbles so we can rock it back and forth so where’s the air bubbles I could go slow got to rock it too hard you can see I can see their air bubbles coming out so I’m just rocking him back and forth to release all the air bubbles so now we’re gonna bring back the camera around this way so motorcycle fairings you guys can see like if it’s getting cleaned or not I can still see so cool it but it’s not as bad as the first time that I drained it I flushed it so we’re gonna do that one more time and that this time was with having the bike turned off you can turn that ought to to run the water through the system so that was this is gonna be our second flush so let’s see how bad it looks it’s a big difference right there it’s kind of clear now so now you’re pretty much ready to yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and uh put the clamp down on

the hose and put everything back in place so it does have a stop so the holes goes up to here just put the clamp back down we’re gonna turn up the clapper Eddie everything’s flush you’re not too obviously flush the coolant because that’s gonna stay permanently I’ll show you a type of coolant that I’m gonna be using it’s tight you can always send zero here you can check all your hoses make sure they’re not cracked or anything like that if not they’re still perfect time to replace them everything’s nice and tight so we’re gonna go back around the other side and put that cool away I’ll show you the cool thing that I have an object so I have here the engine nice performance coolant this one we’ll be using with one of these ninja 250r fairings you should be good but I got an extra one just in case so we’re gonna go ahead and fill it up right now pull it up like halfway there so I’m pouring it in there so try not to catch any air bubbles either way we’re still in a rocket but you’re not going to flush the coolant obviously just go slow take your time so it’s taking up most of it I see the air bubbles coming up you can shake it we’re gonna fill it up again to the top and then whatever slip you can fill up the reservoir so the cleanse already pre-mixed 50% water 50% coolant so you don’t have to add any water so it’s all the way to the top we’re gonna turn it on we’re gonna see if it runs down and ad having the cap off it helps Romero was going through good so a lot of air bubbles came out so put some more in there so it’s on there so now we’re going to fill up the reservoir in between the two lines they’re pretty much set you got to run it through the heat cycle make sure it’s doing the proper job you don’t want it to be boiling the coolant because you have air bubbles or anything like that once you run it through the heat cycle how the cap on took a build-up the pressure so this is a marker here the full on the low so we’re gonna put it right in between put everything back in place we’re gonna put the radiator cap back on and now we’re gonna do the process of checking the coolant make sure it’s not overheating I got a lot of air bubbles out so now we’re gonna check the temperature of

the radiator and when I did there and you guys can hear me put the description down below alright so I’m just waiting for the bike to cool down I ran it to where I got the temperature it kind of high turned it off I’m just waiting to cool off again I’m gonna open up the radiator cap and see if it needs some more radiator you don’t want to run it on low you want to damage the radiator run it to where it gets too hot so we’re gonna do that about two three times running and then let it cool off and then you’re pretty much set you can throw on the fairings and r6 fairings you’re pretty much done so maybe I’m not gonna get back to the video for the sun’s going down but that’s pretty much it on the cooling or flushing the coolant cool in exchange wherever you guys want to call it so if you guys liked the video I’m sure you guys dropped a big thumbs up subscribe if you guys are new thanks to all the subscribers thanks for all the support and let me know how I did on the clinics change or Enya on my other DIY videos so thanks again thanks for watching I’ll catch you guys on the next one right safe peace bad coal smoke illegal I got more steps than a beat

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