A Bike faster than million dollar cars

what’s up guys sean here from sr k cycles comm we have 2014 Suzuki GSXR 1000 now normally I would spend the whole test-drive talking yet about buying spikes no one needs this much power I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna tell you why I should buy this bike I’m gonna go out of my comfort zone and tell you why you should buy this bike who should buy this bike and tell you about the four cars the only for production cars out there that are as fast as this bike know that are faster than this bike this thing beats everything this thing’s insane quarter mile and 10:1 cotton modal sticky notes the first leader bike I ever rode was a was a GSXR 1000 oh five loved it then yamaha r6 fairings the first liter bike ever owned was 107 GSXR 1000 loves it ah it’s gonna blow away let me read the go stop for a second read the words of wisdom for the day who will separate us from the love of Christ will tribulations to distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword nope none of those my one beef about this particular bike in the front did these front brakes and he bled man they just I mean I’m like I got this I got these uh leg pads Oh levers I got this thing maxed out to

the max setting and when I pulled in man I’m hitting my knuckles that drives me nuts I don’t like five I’m not like seven finger breaking I’m two finger breaking maybe one finger breaking and that’s all I need so I’m not gonna be hitting it very hard because just anything e-flat all right so what why buy a bike like this why bike stupid fast like like this everything else is boring you want to see if you can handle that type of power 600 750 s even mod it out just is not doing it for you where the 1000 starts to crush the competition and trust me I’ve been on six I’ve been on 600 750 s having no problems keeping up with the 1000 liter bikes up until about 6070 miles an hour and then you know and it’s those higher speeds where there’s not even any competition if there’s gone so if you need that high-speed power if you want that ability you don’t mean just uh be cruise at triple digits and pop that front front end up and ride a wheelie this is what’s gonna get it done for r6 fairings you I’m not saying you should do that but that’s what you’re looking for zero to six season three zero to sixty two is in three seconds that’s an extremely fast car fast bike so let’s look at this let’s compare this to a two just overall speed bang per buck if you were going to get this type of speed in a car it’s you’re paying hundreds of thousands of dollars like not like no joke the only four cars that I could find that our fast earnest the cheapest one was $850,000 and those cars are the laferrari the ferrari laferrari the mclaren p1 the porsche 918 and the Makati barrel and Super Sport and those are all new cars we didn’t like the past two years those cars came out so before that there’s not a car there’s not a production car out there that could that would pool on you on this thing that if you buy a used Isla it’s like 10,000 bucks less than 10,000 bucks the bang for your buck a factory made ten-second I’m talking like 10 it’s like 10:1 that like slow 10 seconds on like 10 9 10 1 the bang for your buck for this this is made on the factory this can do it we’re not talking like you’re your brother-in-law’s Honda Civic that’s running like 12 but you know it needs new head gaskets every other weekend you know we’re talking this thing’s made for it let’s go do 50 thousand miles doing 10 second quarter miles it’s insane it’s reliable and it’s cheap to maintain you can’t beat that you can’t beat that type of acceleration that kind of pool for that little amount of money they where else could you get that kind of bang for your buck you can’t breakthrough driving me nuts you see how my front end just lifted off the ground I wasn’t even a full throttle it just hit a little crest in the hill and the front ends like yeah and let me just take it off if that if that scares you you better stay away from this bike if that excites you hey hey yeah hey you maybe uh maybe just bikes the bike for you maybe see the problem when these brakes are all spongy like this you can’t get on the brakes and rev the bike down because when you’re actually putting pressure on the brace it’s it’s pushing into your knuckles I got the brakes on my track bike like that it’s full braking and like look at that right there it’s like full braking and that’s where it should be with steel braided lines I have a theory that you can actually that

the stock brakes actually have a little bit of air in them and then if you spend like a half an hour bleeding out you can get them a little tighter then what they come from the factory but if you ever feel if you ever feel like a hot bike maybe riding for a while feel them rubber brake lines and then pump the pump to break you’ll feel them flex you feel like a pulp that like a little hard foam well he a feeling flack that’s all you’re all getting that hasn’t slack on your pen your pin your lever that’s why I’m big on steel braided lines so guys the leader bikes and yamaha r1 fairings the GSXR I’m not really comparing this to other leader bikes the who we kidding they’re all superfast they’re all great there’s never like all the litter bugs and then like yeah I’m like it’s like half the horsepower you know they’re all extremely competitive they’re all very fast although I did fall in love with the s1000 Double R and it kind of appears like the h2 is kind of in a class of its own pushing out 220 horsepower which I’ve never I’ve never ridden one yet I almost had a chance to buy one a little while ago but it didn’t work out but all these it’s all about the rider all these bikes are great but when you compare these things to just overall speed this really is a rocket I mean if you look at I’ve never done this before but if you had the opportunity to raise up the plane that was like leaving like launching off the ground you know like they accelerate pretty quick I’m pretty sure this bike will smoke that this looks at this little sound accelerated airplane now I’m talking like a commercial airliner 2007 zx6r fairings you know I don’t know I think I looked up one time and I found out that my bike is faster than that I mean the jeez that you can pull the one of those verdict on a lateral I don’t the frontal the frontal geez that you can pull on these things it just in incredible I mean they really are modern marvels and I know that there are people at the Dogu I learned on the run or the 2017 GSXR 1000 my first bike good for you good for you whoever helped you do that is a you’re also not so bright yourself well I’m thuggin learn how to ride never ridden anything else and this is the Widowmaker this is the whatever you call when you kill the woman the Widowmaker widow man I mean you can on a tooth on a smaller bike you can do goofy you can you do goofy stuff because your throttle hands a little on a bike like this man I mean you you mess up you dump the clutch on the wrong spot I mean watch this it’s a very powerful bike but you have to have the ability to harness it to tame the beasts if not this bike has one goal to kill

you all these poles all these trees are just like magnets to this bike if you let it go as I were just like goes right to a tree it just wants to send you in a tree it’s like what you did you gotta tame it guys I love riding these liter bikes they are stupid fast although you can you can pretty much you can’t ride it and it’s almost impossible to ride this thing for any extent of time and maintain any type of speed limit like right now I’m doing a 135 miles an hour in this residential zone but it looks like I’m only doing like 23 I mean like I I in my mind I’m like wow I’m not going that fast but people are yelling at me cops are chasing me behind me like a hot pursuit because I’m doing triple digits right now but it looks like nothing I got one hand off my I got one hand off my handlebars you know what I mean now I’m accelerating I got two hands off but it feels like I’m going crazy slow it’s amazing how fast this bike is guys that wraps it up I love this bike it’s a lot of fun definitely gonna kill you if you’re wondering is that by gonna kill me gasps just not yes bike will kill you when you buy this bike you get like a tombstone but you’re not fun motorcycle fairings you know fun doing it alright guys that wraps up its test drive for 2014 GSXR 1000 do not buy this bike unless you hate your life or unless you really want to live that’s a really good day it’s Google GSXR things for the stock pipe it’s got a good sound I’m so happy Suzuki decided to stop putting twin dual exhaust heavy dual exhaust on their leader bike I got calf burns on both sides from those exhausts it was just one one pipe saves so much weight alright guys subscribe don’t forget to subscribe

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